Payment Methods

The Methods of Payment we take are:

Visa Debit:

Visa’s debit card with worldwide availability
Visa Debit, formerly known as Visa Delta, is the debit card from Visa aimed at a worldwide public. In Europe it shares its popularity with the Maestro debit card. Visa Debit is linked to the customer’s bank account that has to show a minimum balance. Consumers can therefore not use the card if there is no balance on their bank account. Furthermore, Visa Debit offers the security and worldwide ease of use that you know from Visa.


Debit payments throughout Europe
Maestro is a debit card service under the umbrella of MasterCard with a worldwide reach. Thanks to this large reach, offering this online payment method can contribute to increased conversion percentages in your online shop. Maestro is popular throughout Europe and the Maestro logo can be found on practically all Dutch bank cards. For your customers, Maestro is a secure, easy and familiar method of payment. The payment is debited immediately and is therefore guaranteed at all times. By offering Maestro, you can motivate both national and international customers to buy in your online shop.


The world’s largest credit card company
With 2.5 billion cards in use, Visa is the world’s largest credit card company. The credit card is also very popular in the Netherlands. Whether you are looking to sell your products and services at national or international level, offering Visa as a method of payment is important for any entrepreneur. Paying by credit card is a quick, secure and familiar method for your customers.


Credit card payments accepted worldwide
Mastercard is one of the world’s largest credit card providers. By offering Mastercard in your online shop, you can reach national and international customers with your products and services. Online shopping with Mastercard is a familiar and secure method of payment for your customers. Integrating Mastercard into your online shop enables you to reach practically all credit card holders in the Netherlands and beyond.


The number 1 payment method in Asia
The JCB credit card is a Japanese credit card with more than 105 million customers worldwide. The holders of this credit card have above-average purchasing power and are therefore a very attractive target group for entrepreneurs offering products in the upper segment looking to achieve the international breakthrough. Offering the JCB credit card will enable you to reach customers i.a. in the Asian region, in the United States, Australia, England and Germany.

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